Why MileMarker10?

Here’s a few facts about federal contracting, and how MileMarker10 offers essential ways to navigate its complex landscape.

The Market

The US Government is distributing more money in Federal contracts than ever.


Gov Contractors

There are 4.1 million government contractors in the United States.


Annual Contract Value

$597 billion was spent by the US government on Federal contracts in 2019.

Source: Bloomberg Government

The Problem

Opportunities are growing, but companies (especially small- to mid-sized) find them difficult to access.

Smaller businesses are overwhelmed and uninformed – expert guidance is needed.

  • Complex proposal process
  • Limited information and guidance
  • Lack of transparency

Limited information, advice and collaboration has created high barriers to entry.


unfilled federal contract jobs

This results in limited entry of new contractors, failed proposals and lost business opportunities.

That’s where we come in.

MileMarker10 is the first integrated education, intelligence and relationship platform for Federal Contractors.

Our dynamic set of products and services will help
you win more business in this growing marketplace.

MileMarker10 provides:

– Accessible and award-winning educational content
– Original and carefully curated news and information
– Competitive and market intelligence
– Exclusive networking opportunities
– Conferences, seminars and webinars featuring highly sought after thought leaders
– ROI-driven advertising and sponsorship programs