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Bringing government contracting opportunities, awards, and market research together under one umbrella.

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What is XFactor?

XFactor, a MileMarker10 product, is a groundbreaking platform that helps federal sector growth professionals and their companies save time and money.  Our unique solution provides you with an integrated dashboard for accessing market and competitive intelligence for future and previously awarded agreements, contracts and orders.

Here are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy when using XFactor:

- Consolidated information from disparate systems such as GSA eBuy, - and more. We deliver proven efficiencies through economies of scale
- Actionable views of spending as it happens, and total contract values
- Unique competitive insights using data and information that is not widely available

What XFactor has in store for you!

Early Teaming, Company Insights, & Easier Querying

Informative searches structured to answer the questions that matter most.

Key Features for Contractors

Key Features for Business Teams

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