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What is XFactor?

XFactor is a platform that, for the first time, consolidates an expansive slate of Federal contracting opportunities from multiple sources so users can view, save, share and respond to the right RFPs quickly and accurately, saving time and money for professionals in this competitive and lucrative market space.

Here are the unique features XFactor provides:

   - All the opportunity and award data you need
in one easy-to-use interface—it’s a one-stop shop for everything federal contracting, at an extremely competitive price.

   - Access to pertinent contract vehicle data--like opportunity and RFQ documents from eBuy—and makes data available that was previously “off limits” for many companies in the federal contracting space.

   - A convenient way for users to search for and save the right opportunities, as well as view historical opportunity data to help them make wiser bid decisions.

   - A community of interested vendors—both new and seasoned in the federal contracting space—to network with other companies, join teams to bid on new work, and position themselves for continued success on new opportunities with like-minded partners.

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